Trek Bicycle buys Wisconsin Off Road series

Trek has purchased and will manage the entire series in an effort to capitalize on the series’ growth.

Waterloo, WI – 15 February 2022 – Trek Bicycle has purchased Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) and is gearing up for an action-packed 2022 season. With the recent retirement of Don Edberg, Trek has stepped in to manage the series and continue its growth.

“We believe WORS and Don’s endless work on the series has gone a long way in growing the mountain bike community in the Midwest,” said Eric Bjorling, Trek brand manager. “We are deeply invested in ensuring that this growth continues.”

Since 1992, Don Edberg has developed WORS to be the welcoming, fun and competitive mountain biking experience that it is today. Thanks to Don’s work, WORS has grown into America’s largest state mountain bike racing series, with a solid foundation for the future growth of mountain biking in Wisconsin.

The series will feature a similar format to previous seasons, with independent racing owners working alongside the series’ general management. Trek plans to appoint a new race director and open race registration on March 3.

Official race calendar 2022
April 30 – May 1 – Iola Bump and Jump
May 20-22 – Englewood Open
June 11-12 – Battle of CamRock
June 25-26 – Trek Red Barn Classic
July 9-10 – Colectivo Coffee Bean Classic
July 23-24 – Mount Morris Challenge
August 6-7 – Refo Ramble
August 27-28 – Treadfest

Stay up to date on series details here.

About Trek Bicycle
Trek Bicycle is a world leader in the design and manufacture of bicycles and related products. Trek believes cycling can be a simple solution to many of the world’s most complex problems and is committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent people from using bikes more often for transportation, recreation and inspiration.

About WORS
Founded in 1992, WORS is the largest state mountain bike racing series in the United States. We are focused on the rider experience and our goal is to run events that provide a safe, fun, high quality and competitive mountain biking experience to as many people as possible. Above all, WORS is a community that has grown over 30 years of great racing fun. We invite you to the next WORS Race to experience for yourself what the WORS community has to offer.

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