TVS Racing team hits new high in Valley Race

TVS Racing, India’s premier factory racing team, has rewritten an important chapter in history.

In the Indian Open Unrestricted class, the team recently won two prizes at The Valley Run 2022 drag racing event at Aamby Valley Airfield in Pune (up to 390cc). With their turbocharged TVS Apache RR 310 and 40 years of racing experience, the factory racing team broke the previous record for the fastest quarter-mile time in the Indian Open Drag Racing class.

Jagan Kumar, 10-time INMRC champion for TVS Racing, set a new quarter-mile record with a blistering time of 11.523 seconds. With a time of 11.996 seconds for the quarter mile, KY Ahamed came second. The significantly modified engine of the TVS Apache RR 310 produces almost twice as much power as its street counterpart.

Motorcycle modifications

The TVS Racing team used an electronically controlled turbocharger and made other appropriate upgrades to the powertrain, creating another outstanding technological milestone. The engine featured a titanium connecting rod, lighter forged pistons and titanium valves. With quickshift and launch control, the electronic system is programmable and closed loop. The power-to-weight ratio has been improved by the aerodynamically efficient carbon fiber body construction with carbon fiber wheels and subframe.

In order to have a stable and minimal weight transfer effect during maximum acceleration, the ride height has been reduced. By extending the swingarm, the wheelbase was widened, which effectively moved the center of gravity forward and prevented wheelies when accelerating. The bike was 37% lighter than its road-legal counterpart thanks to additional preparations for the event.

Official statement

Celebrating this incredible achievement, Mr. Vimal Sumbly, Head Business – Premium, TVS Motor Company said, “TVS Racing reached another milestone this weekend by breaking the all-time record in Indian open class drag racing until ‘at 390cc at The Valley Run. 2022. After dominating the Indian two-wheeled motorsport arena in all formats, the factory racing team has now successfully demonstrated its drag racing prowess with our champions Jagan Kumar and KY Ahamed bringing us once again make them proud.

With the addition of this new feather to our hat, I am sure that the TVS Racing team will continue to script success stories across national championships and events, making India shine on the global motorsport map as well. Our exhilarating victory in this edition of The Valley Run is indeed a testament to the team’s constant efforts to improve its technological capabilities and maintain its undisputed leadership in the two-wheeled motorsport arena. I would like to congratulate the team for this victory and wish them the best for the future.

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