Uncontrolled bicycle boom: these are the trends

Gravel bikes have come to stay. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has also recognized this and created its own series of races reserved for gravel cyclists, the UCI Gravel World Series, from April to September 2022.

Horse riding fun, nature experience, adventure. These three characteristics combine gravel bikes. The trend of road bikes with knobby tires or – depending on the angle – trekking bikes with racing handlebars continues unabated until 2022. Relaxed geometries, sophisticated drive technology, wide tires and disc brakes inspire all road cyclists who want to get off the road. But also mountain bikers like the immediate and direct riding experience and change or expand their fleet.

Electric drives are also gaining a foothold in the gravel sector – whether powerful and enduring with Shimano or Bosch motors or light and agile with the lightweight Fazua or Mahlemotoren. However, purists continue to swear by muscle drive, especially since one of the latest top outdoor trends is experienced more directly with it: microadventures. Get out of the daily routine and the comfort zone, make dreams come true. For cyclists, that means: pack your bags, hit the road, spend the night outside.

Bikepacking is then called – and today’s Gravelbikes as well as the aftermarket offer many possibilities for attaching panniers with everything necessary for the road on the steering wheel.

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