Vail police arrest suspect in recent spate of bike thefts

VAIL – The Vail Police Department reports that a suspect in a number of recent bicycle theft cases on August 10 was seen walking towards the village of Vail by a Vail detective.

Officers followed subject and observed him unsuccessfully attempting to remove a locked bicycle from a rack. The subject was taken into custody by officers as he attempted to flee. The suspect is identified as Jesus Eduardo Olan Garcia, 25, from Avon. Garcia was charged with three counts of robbery, attempted robbery and resisting arrest. The bikes taken in these cases have not yet been recovered.

If you have additional information regarding these incidents or the location of the bikes, contact Detective Greg Schwartz, 970-479-2209 or [email protected].

Another suspect in the recent spate of bicycle thefts on Aug. 9 turned himself in to Vail police with a missing mountain bike. This individual has been charged with theft. The bike in good condition was returned to the owner later that day.

Since July 28, Vail Police have responded to reports of 12 bike thefts in the Vail Village and Lionshead Village areas. In all of these cases, the bicycles were left out in the open and not locked up or secured, and most were taken from public view. The Vail Police Department urges people to lock up their bikes where possible or park them in an area not easily accessible to the public.

Police are also encouraging residents to take advantage of the department’s bicycle registration program. Registering a bike with the department can aid in recovery if it is stolen. Agents will record the serial number and identifying features, then store the information in its system, so owners don’t have to remember those details in the event of an incident. The bike registration form is available at the city website.

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