Video shows thief using bicycle to break into smoking room, leaving bloody mess behind

NORTH MIAMI, Florida. – Surveillance video captured a man walking through the front door of a family business in North Miami with his bicycle.

Police say the suspect left a large mess behind and also set fire to the interior of the store.

The owners, meanwhile, told Local 10 News they are concerned about an increase in crime in the area.

The store, a smokehouse, is located off 124th Street and Biscayne Boulevard.

“He smashes (the door) with his bike and, on entering, rips off part of his arm,” said Annabelle Shindler, whose family owns the store. “(He was bleeding) everywhere. The police told me there was so much blood he couldn’t have gone far without fainting.

The suspect was apparently only looking for a self-igniting pipe, she said.

Surrounded by shards of glass, the suspect kept cutting himself on the debris as he attempted to strike the glass, unaware that there was a hanging shard cutting him.

Finally, the video shows him crawling around the business, dripping blood everywhere.

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“And then it gets even weirder,” Shindler said. “He sets the box on fire, he sets this on fire.”

The man is also seen jumping over the counter. The whole situation worries Shindler and his family.

“I run this store eleven hours a day,” she said. “It’s scary that someone with this tendency could walk into my store and hurt me or my employees.

“It could happen to any local store. I’m just looking for people from this neighborhood. It’s not something that makes me feel good at work every day.

Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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