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One of the magnetic things about cycling is how bikes have improved over the decades. Fashion, technology, components and styles offer insight into the rich tradition of cycling. Whether it’s restoring one or just getting one rolling, recent bikes are great and grab attention thanks to the past.

For hearing trading or buying bikes, this is very important information that can help you with the bike accurately. If you are a bike collector or just frame the bikes you have in the back of your garage, the date it was created is the first piece of the puzzle.

If you want to dig deeper into the history of your bike, the year your bike was made, then dive into the entire article and find out the ways to find out the age of your item.

6 important ways to tell the age of your bike

There is no precise methodology for understanding the date. Like many areas of cycling, different concepts are picked up by different brands in many eras. To get you started, we tend to give you the easiest tips for checking the manufacture date of your bike. Thoroughly examine the means and know the age of your bike.

1. Verification of the serial number

The apparent starting line for finding a bike’s inception date is the serial number. Serial numbers are sealed on the bike throughout the production process. They are an excellent tool for recovering bikes in case of theft and also for determining the model.

2. Use literature based on online and offline

Sometimes every previous bike was the latest model, and if you still have model or brand identification on the frame, the literature makes the search process easier. Online and offline literature helps distinguish many different bicycles over the decades.

You can also find plenty of cycling magazines and literature that provide enough data and photos for great starting points.

3. Investigate Specific Components

Although the frame is the most recognizable component of the bike, components can also make it easier to date the bike. There is a particular precise consideration that can look for improvements that are widely considered to give up the most effective probability of nailing the time frame.

4. Ask the seller or owner for details

It may seem obvious, but if you have a used bike, you should definitely continue to communicate with the owner. You might think they didn’t keep the receipt and maybe they can’t remember the time of purchase if it’s very old. However, a brief conversation can help you shorten the time.

5. Take it to a bike shop

Moreover, according to their specialist knowledge, the public operating in bicycle retailers generally has an enthusiasm for bicycles that is far from a daily job. Calling and asking someone within the company for recommendations can give you the benefits of professional recognition and quick positive results.

6. Post information online

The place where you will even notice a lot of qualified and expert information is online. The cycling community includes a wide variety of websites and forums, but it’s essential that you choose the right ones.

Don’t forget to type all the knowledge you need to place in your message. The time you purchased your bike, the results of your bike’s serial number when you checked out, and all classifiable parts. You can end your message by incorporating an image of all the important parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for ways to tell the age of your bike, some questions may pop into your mind. Some important questions are given below with particular answers that people often want to know.

1. Can you look up a bike serial number?

Yes, you can certainly look up your bike’s serial number. The numbers are often placed under the bottom bracket of the bicycle.

2. How do I know the date of manufacture of the bicycle?

You will be able to see the manufacture date of the bike by the last 6 characters from the 12th to the 17th serial number of your bike.

3. Where can you find the frame number of the bike?

You can find the bike’s frame number by looking at the lowest bracket which is often sealed to a particular sticker or carbon frame.

4. Are the frame and serial number of the bike the same?

Yes, it’s the same. The serial and chassis number is a constant thing. The amount on the stickers should match the number on your bike.

5. How to know if the bike frame number is fake or real?

It is easier to find the fake serial number because it provides a missing serial number than the real numbers on the bottom frame. And the bottom frame provides letters such as GK which help to identify the real frame number.

Last words

Determining the correct age of bikes can be confusing and frustrating. However, many times it can be enjoyable. It will put you in contact with new people and you can discover clues in places you may not like very much.

If you follow the above guidelines correctly, it should provide you with a much better knowledge of your bike. He can tell you how he is valued by different elements and eras.

Before you start knowing the age of your bike, be sure to check the serial number. If you’re lucky enough, the solution might already be sealed at the bottom.

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