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Cycling has become a rapidly growing trend, especially in metropolitan cities. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, bicycles help everyone not only to get around but also to stay healthy. And that is why there has been such a surge in demand for women’s bikes. So how do you choose the right women’s bike? Different aspects present themselves as most women prefer their ride to be a bit lighter than others. Likewise, these bikes should be easy enough to handle and have a long lifespan.

So, if you are looking for women’s bikes, take a look at some of the best shopping options available online in India:

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Buy this awesome bike which is great for both men and women. Available in camouflage military graphics, this bike from CAYA comes with a 26-inch wheel size. The frame of this bike is made of premium steel and is equipped with dual disc brakes for a stable and powerful braking system. This product is popular for its triple-wall alloy rims and high performance. Price: Rs 10,999.

Get this women’s conventional bike from BSA Cycles in the color pink. This women’s bike comes with a 26-inch wheel size. The frame of this bike is crafted using A-Okay steel and features printed and damped brakes. On top of that, the bike offered for women also features a wire mesh front basket. Other features include impressive performance, attractive appearance and durability. Price: Rs 8,199.

Don’t miss this women’s single speed bike from Hero which is available in a semi-assembled state. The bike offered for women comes with 26-inch tires and a 16.5-inch frame. Suitable for female riders over the age of 12, this bike has front and rear caliper brakes. The frame of this bike is made from first-string steel, which ensures its high strength and durability. Price: Rs 7,899.

This typical women’s bike comes with an 18-inch frame. This women’s bike is available in pink color and its frame is made of premium steel. In addition, the offered bike is equipped with a front basket and a plastic clothing guard. Appreciated for its caliper brakes with aluminum alloy levers, this bike is available in the dimension 110 x 23 x 67 cm and weighs around 5 kg. Price: Rs 7,400.

Ladies who like to explore tough terrain like mountains and off-road territories on a bicycle, this mountain bike from Geekay is a great purchase option. This mountain bike comes with a premium aluminum frame. Available with a 26-inch wheel size, this women’s bike features double-walled alloy rims, which ensures its high tensile strength and ultimately amazing on-road performance. Price: Rs 8,799.

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