World Bike Day: Cycling to get in shape is their mantra | Nagpur News

Nagpur: The cycling craze has surely increased especially amid the Covid pandemic and that was evident on Thursday as many of all age groups were seen on the streets in large numbers following the mantra to pedal to get in shape.
Well-known cyclist Aniruddha Raich said: “Although I have been cycling for 12 years, World Bicycle Day has its own significance as it reminds of all the benefits of cycling which is not just the cheapest mode of transport. , but it’s also an eco-friendly way to stay physically and mentally fit.
Another cyclist, Divya, said cycling is the best exercise to stay fit and healthy. “People have started cycling in a big way to stay healthy and beat the Covid-19 pandemic.”
Tiger Adventure Group member Sanjay Bhatwe said the group has been promoting cycling as a fitness regimen for 10 years. “Doctors told me I had 100% blockages in my heart sometimes back. Not losing heart, I started cycling and now do a minimum of 25 km every day to stay active,” he said.
On World Bike Day, members of the group were seen in action on the Wanjari Nagar Bridge as well as in other parts of the city where bike lanes have been set up.
The day aims to develop a culture of cycling for basic transportation, commuting and boosting physical and mental health.
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